4 Steps for Successful Estheticians

Although building and maintaining a successful Esthetician practice requires investments; not all of your assets will be that of monetary value.

"People forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou

The greatest augmentation of your business will be in the investment to reach and keep your target demographic. In order to treat your clients well you must know who they are and how to reach them. Once you have a client, the journey begins. Some of the goals are to provide services, retail products, gain referrals, up sell and cross sell additional services. In order to create longevity in your business and maximize your client's experience; here are 4 successful tips:

1. Be sure that you are providing exceptional customer service.

"The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is EXTRA" -Jimmy Johnson

So don't be afraid to go the extra mile in your customer service.

Start with your philosophy/ mission statement. That is a great way to establish who your are and what your standards are. Understand that you DO NOT have to lead with discounts. You can instead establish an experience that is tailored to your customer's needs. Make sure that your intake forms, allow you to gather vital info that can help you with your customers need and expectations.They will also be great for sending promotional messages. Provide universal standards to ensure your are delivering the same service across the board, clients respond great to consistency. Search for creative ways to provide a signature experience. Educate your client, use information as an bonding experience. Establishing trust will go far in client retention.

2. Focus on building your clientele. In these days and times we definitely want to be using social media outlet for networking and generating ads. Make sure your social media presence is professional and should be separate from your personal page. Be sure to post often because the goal is to create engagement. Encourage to like and share your page's content.

Establish a professional website that reflects your mission, services, contact info, other functions can be included as well.

Do not neglect how far word of mouth can get. Ask your clients who've had previous experiences with you to leave a review on google, social media or your website. Create a referral program in which your clients can receive incentives for recommending a family or friend for your services. Although it seems to be a fading practice; DO pass out business cards. Create a daily challenge for yourself. For example: while out running errands, I challenge myself to pass out at least 20 cards to people I don't know It can be in the grocery store, mall, park, etc

You can't be timid about spreading the word about your business. Perform the "Elevator Pitch Test" to get you comfortable with talking to people.

Elevator Pitch Test: Describe your business in 30 secs. Be brief and persuasive, the goal is to spark interest in your services.

3.Invest in your continuing education. The beauty industry is constantly evolving. It is a great practice to stay knowledgeable and relevant. It is not uncommon that the average Esthetician does not feel 100% comfortable after graduating Esthetics school. You can attend events and seminars for networking and educational purposes. Joining Esthetician forums is a great way to learn from the experiences of other Estheticians. Subscribe to educational newsletters, they'll make great reads in down time or slow days. Enroll in continuing education and advanced aesthetic training. One of the first things I learned after graduating Esthetician school was that "the basic facials can only help so much" Some of your clients will have acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns and advanced modalities and product knowledge will be key. Hire a coach or mentor to help with clarity and business operation. Invest in you and your vision.

*Mrs B offers advanced training and coaching services*

4.Retailing is apart of your job. Create a flow check list until your steps be come second nature. Make sure retailing is apart of the check list. As Estheticians we understand that the real magic happens at home. It is our responsibility to help to the client to achieve a home care regimen that reflects skin health. Remember if the clients does not purchase from you, he/she will purchase from someone.

Many spas make it a mandatory practice for Estheticians to retail products to clients. Some may offer small incentives or commissions to you. In a solo practice you have to adapt this practice on your own. Think of it like this, if you do not consult a client on their home care, you only did part of your job. There are times that some of the client's skin issues are attributed to what they are using at home. Sometimes a simple remedy is to change their home product regimen. Always select products based on client's tolerance and needs.

As a business owner, it is a lucrative practice to consider multiple streams of income. In addition to the revenue from services you can generate revenue from products. You will have options for retailing: do you go the drop shipping route? Will you ship products to clients? Would you like to private label?

I once saw a quote that read "be to others what you wish you had" This I why I share.

Hope you find the info helpful. Please share and feel free to reach out for any services. Thank you

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