Jessner Pro Peel

Jessner Pro Peel

Jessner Peel 

(w/ Resorcinol)



No neutralization

No timing

Applied in coats/layers

Recommended for clients who want to see peeling of the skin


Why use Jessner Peels?

1. Jessner Peel is predictable and makes it difficult to over peel and/or create too deep a wound.

    Good choice for aesthetic professionals who are wanting to graduate from AHA peels.

2. Creates a uniform peel and exceptional peeling action.

3. Used on the neck and chest to minimize the transition from deeper peels on the face(TCA Peels).

3. Can be used on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III

4. Superficial lines, epidermal hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, active inflammatory acne


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